Influencer Relations + PR Management

It's our job to make sure you're at the forefront of your competition when being considered for opportunities. We'll pitch to brands who we feel are a good fit for you.

this includes :

Pitching to Brands

Collaborations and Opportunities


Media Kits

Media Outreach

Interview Coordination

Brand Management + AWARENESS 

If your brand is looking for more exposure to build that cult following, this is for you. We work with you to build a plan and strategy that is anything but basic. Through social strategy, brand partnerships and influencer outreach. We will get your message out there and your products in the right hands.

costa la mer

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Brand Management + AWARENESS Social Media optimization

From Instagram Strategy to Content Creation we've got you! We've built up societygal from 0 to over 100,000 followers in just over 2 years. If you're a brand we want to make sure you are getting in front of your consumers, if you are an influencer, we will make sure you are getting the best reach possible.

This includes :

Social Media Strategy

Content Planning


Campaign planning

Social Media Account Set-up

Organizing Influencer Collaborations


Hosting an event and need help with the planning? We'll curate the guest list (influencers included) and coordinate all the details from start to finish. We will location scout to find the perfect venue. Each detail will be "on brand" and approved by you. We also offer trip planning and partnerships with societygal.

This includes :

Event design

Launch parties and Grand Openings

Influencer brunches

Customized branding

Curating a guest list

Finding the perfect host