Work Life Balance | Savannah Larsen of The Blog Issue

Savannah is the master mind behind the ever so popular blog – The Blog Issue. While being an Instagram influencer on her own and managing her attention needed blog, she also has a life. Surprising? We know. This read is all about how she balances the two and her tips + tricks for you to implement in your own work life balance! Don’t forget to check out her socials below once your done with this brain food!

The schedule of a blogger, influencer or creative is literally 24 hours. “Days off” simply don’t exist because social media and the Internet never stop. Now add a full time job to the mix; you think I’m crazy right?

The one question that I see over and over again is when can I quit my full time job and just blog? The truth…it’s going to take a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Just kidding! It’s more like dedication, time and energy.  With that being said, if you give it your all, you are bound to come out on top.

Let’s talk about balance. This is something that I am still learning and each day, I’m getting better at it. Let me be real with you. I work a full time job, I manage The Blog Issue website and all social media, I have a boyfriend and two pups, my weekends are filled with friend/family/blog gatherings and I obviously need to eat and sleep.  I used to exhaust myself with this crazy schedule and one day I realized that all I wanted was a manicure and a facial. It was my facial that taught me balance.

As an influencer, this new balance thing became fun. It meant pampering myself, taking vacations and trying new restaurants. While doing this, I realized that I had so much more to write about. Let’s just say, iPhone notes is my life. The Blog Issue’s direction completely changed from focusing on style and other bloggers to focusing on my own experiences while still having fun.


So how do you balance your work life? Get organized. Designate work time and you time. For example, each day I work my full time job from 8am to 5pm. From 5pm to 8pm I work on The Blog Issue. After 8pm is my free time. I use this time to cook dinner, work out, pamper myself with my skincare routine and spend time with my boyfriend and pups. It’s so important that you block schedule because if you don’t, time will get away from you. Also, don’t forget to use your resources. By resources, I mean your friends, coworkers and family. Find a coworker to take a photo of you on lunch break or a friend to spend the weekend with doing Instagrammable things. My friends and family are finally used to my crazy blogger ways!

When it comes to organization, I prefer writing things down so I definitely use a trendy schedule organizer. My iPhone notes are filled with post and photo shoot ideas (seriously, my life). All blog posts are scheduled through WordPress and I schedule individual posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I have not found a social media scheduling platform that I absolutely love so if you have recommendations, let me hear them! Google Calendar is used as a visual reminder for what posts are scheduled throughout the month. This calendar is shared with my intern so we are on the same page.

Don’t forget to pamper yourself, as this is the most important takeaway today. Each morning I make a smoothie in my NutriBullet with spinach, blueberries, a banana, handful of goji berries, tsp of chia seeds, tsp of ground flaxseed, tsp coconut oil, maca powder and camu camu powder. Talk about energy! Every 4 weeks I see my aesthetician for my routine facial, which has seriously changed my life. Her energy is amazing and each time, I leave feeling happy and confident. My nightly routine consists of running one mile, floor exercises and my skincare routine. I relax with the Mario Badescu Collagen or Whitening masks. I also love the Boscia Hydrogel Mask. Take good care of your skin and don’t stress because we don’t need premature aging!

Life is really all about balance. I wish you the best in block scheduling, pampering and really enjoying your life. Successful people enjoy their life but when they are working, they are working hard. Good luck Society Gals!

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