Why Social Media is Booming as a Business

As a Social Media Director and a millennial, there is no denying the continuous growth of social media, especially the opportunity it provides for brands, businesses and personalities. I often get asked “How to Social Media” and what my job entails. How much time do we have?

Essentially, social media is “brand development.”. Brands and personalities have room to grow, expose themselves and create an identity on social media in a variety of ways, but often turn to the pros for help and soon realize how much help and work actually goes into it all.  From brand strategy, photoshoots, content creation, analytics, messaging and aesthetic appeal, the list unfolds. Below are just a few reasons why the business of social media is indeed BOOMING and why brands and personalities are continuously turning to a team for help:

Social Media Isn’t As Easy As it Seems

There is a lot of research, planning, and executing when it comes to creating a social media plan. Initially, many people believe it is easy to simply make a profile and wing it – all the power to those who do it successfully. However, when attempting to get your business, brand, or personality known, strategic thinking is crucial. It takes in- depth brand discovery and loyal audience building to mark your place in the digital space. It’s more than just posting a picture–it is the idea behind it: content, messaging and aesthetic. For the most part, a strategic social media plan entails goals. Whether the goal is to gain exposure, generate profit, to a brand, get recognized or ramp up a personality’s reputation, we as a social media team, need to know what your goals are so we can efficiently execute.

Maintenance is Involved

Maintenance is vital to grow your social media. It is an imperative and often time-consuming effort to engage with your audience. Business owners and personalities don’t have the time for this upkeep. We as professionals have the experience and resources to take care of this. Posting frequently helps growth for a number of reasons. It generates engagement and numbers, keeps track of user generated content and overseeing the social channels .  Consistent grooming of a social media account(s), or in social media terms, community management, is essential in order to grow in the digital space.

Analyzing What is Up

Social Analytics are vital for understanding where your brand and personality stands. A Social Media team has analytical software and specific formulas that assess what is working well versus what is not. Further,  it can tell us who your audience is, geotargeting, as well as a plethora of other information the regular social media user may not grasp. Social Media isn’t fun and games (all the time), there is a lot of math, key metrics and analysis involved to be successful.

We Are the Social Media Generation

Who knows social media better than the kids that sat in their beds for hours past their bedtime exploring Friendster, MySpace and LiveJournal? Nineties babies, I’m looking at you. We, the millennials, grew up during the evolvement of social media and may understand it better than many other age groups. We have seen where it has been, where it is, and where it is going.
With confidence, it can be said that the power of social media is very strong and only escalating #OnTheRise


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