The Dos And Donts Of Instagram Ads

The Do’s and Don’ts of Instagram Ads

With Instagram rolling out their new algorithm and sponsored ad opportunities, more small business owners and creatives have been hopping on the Instagram Ad train. Personally, we love the ability to get in front of our target audience on our favorite social media platform. The Inspired Editorial is a new site for creatives, and we are often sending our boosted Facebook posts to Instagram as well. Here are our top do’s and don’ts for advertising on Instagram.

Do: Use stunning visuals. 

With all of the content that your audience is scrolling through, you want to make sure they stop in their tracks to view your sponsored ad. Either learn the basics of how to take great photos yourself, hire a pro to photograph your products in a beautiful way, or invest in stock photography to look professional and polished. Sub-par images are a dime a dozen, so make sure your ads stand out with fabulous imagery.

Don’t: Use images that are off-topic.

If you are promoting your new product, don’t use an image of your latte. If you’re highlighting your newsletter opt in, sharing a photo of your dog might miss the mark. Keep your photos on topic, especially when you are throwing money behind this post. It’s important to grab viewer’s attention while also introducing them to your call-to-action, which brings us to…

Do: Use a related call-to-action.

When creating an Instagram Ad, you have the option of using different call-to-action buttons. Some CTA’s include “Learn More”, “Download”, “Watch More”, “Shop Now”, etc. This is the button that viewers will click to be directed to your website. Make sure your image, copy, and CTA are all related to the same end goal.

Don’t: Link to a page that isn’t mobile responsive.

Your ad will be viewed on mobile devices, so when viewers click through to your website, you definitely want this page to be responsive on a smart phone. Make sure your page is easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing on a smart phone or tablet.

Do: Keep your message short and sweet.

Typically, the first 2-3 lines of copy will be shown in your audience’s feed, so make sure your message is simple and easy to understand. Give your viewers a reason to click through to your website or shop.

Don’t: Forget to plan your ad in advance.

From your image to your CTA to your copy, it’s important to always have your end goal in mind, so everything is pointing to the same desired action. Do you want to sell a new product, get visits to your website, or gain more Instagram followers? Having a plan for your Instagram Ad will help keep your content consistent with your end goal.

Thinking about using Instagram Ads for your business? We say go for it! For more information about Instagram Ads, be sure to check out our blog post: How to Create an Instagram Ad:

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