How To Use Snapchat To Drive Traffic


Where to start.

Getting Social Media right for your brand is tough, with so many platforms to choose from, new features popping up weekly and the constant worry that you’re either A; wasting time and money or B; missing something, it’s no wonder that so many people get it wrong.

The advice from Social Media Gurus is usually to take a good hard look at which platform really works for your business type and to pay attention to where your ideal client ‘hangs out’. Then you know where to focus your energy.

But what about the fear of missing something?

Just because one thing works well for others, doesn’t mean there isn’t a better option and that you shouldn’t invest your time into keeping an eye on the capabilities of other platforms and the direction of trends. The best way to stand out is, well, to do something different.

Introducing Snapchat…

What is Snapchat?

If you’re still asking this question, we’ve got a lot of work to do. Snapchat has become a social media platform in its own right boasting over 100million users and though it was once considered a mere photo-messaging app and a passing trend, it’s clear that Snapchat have firmly become a daily necessity for millions of users, for both business and your average Janet.

Snapchat became a major platform by offering a series of functions including time-limited photo and video sharing, location based filters, Stories, Memories and more.

The time has come to take Snapchat seriously for marketing your business.

But not too seriously…

Snapchat allows your brand to drop the formality cloak and step in to a world of ‘exclusives’ and ‘behind the scenes’ moments. Use the opportunity to develop your brand personality so that your potential customers get a feel for what you really stand for.

Video clips are only 10 seconds long, so it limits how much you can say but adopt this feature as part of your plan because it’s a fantastic way to show off your knowledge and give away nuggets of industry knowledge. This kind of interaction really drives real-time engagement with your audience.

Don’t take my word for it.

In a study done in a USA University on over 500 students, it was found that:

  • 77% of College Students in the USA use Snapchat every day.
  • 45% of them would open a Snap from a brand they didn’t even know
  • 58% of them would buy from a brand having received a discount via Snapchat
  • 69% would add a brand on Snapchat because they follow them elsewhere on Social Media

So we can safely assume that a huge portion of young adults use Snapchat on the daily, half of them would open a snap from a brand they’re not even familiar with and more than half would buy if they received an incentive via Snapchat.

So bringing your existing following over from, let’s say Facebook, you could maximize sales from the same, already partially engaged audience; just by developing your Snapchat presence!

What else?

Snap Ads!

A Snap Ad is a full screen 10 second video played between stories, with a swipe-up action for users to read more, be redirected to a mobile website or longer form video. The Swipe-Up rate is reported to be 5 times higher than the click-through rate on other social media platforms.

A recent survey conducted by Snapchat and MediaScience found that Snap Ads got twice the attention from viewers than Facebook and 1.5 times the visual attention than Instagram!

So consider your ad spend, perhaps Snap Ads could give you a better return on click-through.

Excite your viewers

You’ve taken your picture, slapped on an emoji and now you’re flicking through the filter options; low and behold there’s a filter that suggests you are at Secret Garden Party. How DO they do that? The answer is Geofilters.

The cost of designing and uploading a Geofilter to Snapchat goes upwards of $5, depending on the amount of time it’s active and the size of the location you’ve set it available to.

Imagine someone snapping at your event tomorrow, they could find themselves opting for your branded filter. Interactive, engaging marketing at its finest. Try it!

Some things to consider before you dive right in

Snapchat is live, you can’t pre-schedule content, so who’s going to manage this on a daily basis?

Where are you going to drive your newly engaged audience?

Is your ideal client using Snapchat?

What are your rules for using Snapchat? If you’ve got more than one person who’ll contribute to your Snapchat, it’s better to set some brand guidelines.

What can you give to your audience exclusively via Snapchat? Whether it be a discount or a weekly insider secret.

How will Snapchat add to your existing campaign content plans?

If you don’t have a content plan yet, we recommend you take a little step back and think about how this all comes together, where your objectives lie and consider some creative ideas for achieving your brand goals. Mapping it out is step one.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with Snapchat, consider some creative ways to bring your brand to life and make sure it’s on plan, but also fun and as always, measure the response. 

We’d love to hear about your Snapchat experiences!

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