Giving Your Viewers What They Want | Karlie Lestina

Karlie is a photographer and videographer based in sunny Phoenix, Arizona where you can call her a native! Recently marrying the man of her dreams, Karlie has become the ultimate travel junkie and has gotten back home to absolutely crush what she does best; YouTube! In a world full of opinions, it’s best to know what your audience wants from you and making sure you keep your style while also delivering such, Karlie is here to give us her tips + tricks on Giving Your Viewers What They Want!

How to know what topic to discuss

I believe that it is very important to discuss topics that your viewers will want to watch but I think it is just as equally important to discuss things that YOU want to discuss, for many reasons. If you are posting videos just to fit in with the popular videos, or to get a large audience but it is not something you love, you will quickly grow old of creating and even resent it. Not only that but you won’t be true to yourself and your viewers really can see it. You will hurt yourself and your channel if you are not creating things you genuinely love. There is always an audience out there for you, whether you want to post gardening videos, arts and crafts demos, or makeup hauls, there is always a group of people out there with similar interests for you! So stay true to what you enjoy and create content from there, it will take you so much further in your online and personal journey.

Creating content for the right audience

So once you have down what kind of topics you want to discuss on your channel the next thing is how to create that content that will be best for your audience. For example, if you are creating a gardening channel to help others learn how to garden, talk about specific plants, and give tips and tricks to keeping plants alive, then you don’t want to be shooting this inside and just talking away. Your audience is watching you because they want to learn about gardening so you need to take them out in the field with you! Grab the camera go outside and start physically showing them your plants and give them an up close shot to your work so they can fully learn from you and come back each week to learn more. Each audience needs something different, and so you need to think about yourself on the other end! If you were watching a cooking video to learn how to make lasagna would you want the camera on the Chefs face the whole time? No, you want multiple camera angles on all different parts of the food and kitchen so that you can leave watching that video feeling like you know how to make this lasagna perfectly.

Pleasing your viewer

We all know, you can’t please everyone, but you can try to please some. And I think in the online video world you can easily do this by watching some of the things you say. Now I’m not saying be fake and act like a robot in all your videos, that’s definitely not okay, but you can refrain from saying any type of racial comment or joke, or maybe watching what you say about someone else, because in today’s age everyone is sensitive and honestly people get offended pretty quickly. So if you think before you speak then your less quickly to offend someone therefore your able to please more viewers.

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