Beth Harper | The Village Style

Beth Harper is a business coach and American blogger living in Birmingham, England with her family. She founded The Village Style to help women both dream and achieve.

Tell us about the path that led you to where you are today.

My story actually starts in Peru, where my parents met. When I was 4 years old, we moved to Columbus, Ohio. I now reside in Birmingham, England with Steven, my handsome English husband – goodness, my poor children will be so curtly confused!

In my younger years, my biggest dream was to live in Ohio, own a big house in the suburbs, and be a baby mama! I still very much want most of those things, but what I didn’t realize then is that I could dream even bigger.

I always love working with people and helping people move past stumbling blocks. Halfway through college, I realized how draining this career would be and fell in love with marketing and business instead. After my first trip to London, I had no clue that my little world would change so much, that a simple trip could open doors to a better life than I could have ever planned for.

How did you know you wanted to be a coach? And how did you get started?

After I moved to England, I was at a 9-to-5 that I hated! I thought working at a digital marketing agency was the dream, but a few months in, I realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, which can be devastating and confusing. The last thing I wanted was to be confused about my career. After all, I had dished out almost 100k to get a good education.

During that time I reconnected with an old friend from Ohio living in London who had just started her own coaching business. I knew this was the career move I had been waiting for. It was my chance to combine my love for marketing, business, but most of all, helping others.

I hired my very first coach and went through a group coaching program that changed my life. It gave me the tools and skills to start my own business! I then had the amazing opportunity to start working for success coach Emily Williams, and now I’m still working with her as Head of Creative for I Heart My Life. I’ve seen the impact coaching can make on other women’s lives. I’ve been in love with the industry ever since!

You describe yourself as a business and marketing coach for women? Why specifically women?

A few reasons, I’m not a man so I knew I wouldn’t be able to support men in the same way I can support women. My husband is an amazing businessman, but our approach to business is so different. I also just simply felt more comfortable working with women – females are an amazing group of people!

There’s something exciting about empowering women. Business takes a lot of mental strength and mindset work, which is something I teach my clients daily. I want women to believe they could do anything. Although there are a lot of women doing incredible things in this day and age, there are plenty of women who have given up on living their full potential. I help remind them that there’s more for them if they want it.

What is the most important lesson to building your dream business?

Be persistent. Don’t give up!

You’ve got to make your dream a non-negotiable. Between a 9-5 and freelance work, I had to wake up early or stay up late working on my business. I wanted this so badly for myself. It was my dream! As much as I love my business, it’s not always fun and games. It takes hard work and dedication to get a business off the ground.

If you’re feeling tired, you’re not alone. I’ve been there, but you’re getting there. Don’t give up on your dream! Life is too short to not live a life you love!

What will be your legacy?

My hope is that my legacy will inspire other women to chase their dreams. For so long, I allowed myself to dream small. I didn’t realize what was possible for me. I want other women to know and believe that they can do anything! That the impossible is possible for them.

Favorite place on planet earth?

I probably have two places I absolutely adore – London and Columbus.

London because every time I’m there, I feel so alive. The city moves so quickly but it’s set among old architecture that reminds me that the people from the past built this city just as the people now are building it for those in the future. It’s also where many of my dreams came true! It’s where I fell in love with my husband and where I decided to start my own business. It’s a city that reminds me that anything is possible!

Columbus because even though I don’t see myself ever moving back to this beautiful city. It’ll always feel like home. There something comforting about being there. Probably because so many of the people I love still live there. This little city has also developed a lot over the last 5 years. It’s going places!

Coffee or tea?

Now that I live in England – tea, preferably with a few biscuits!

You can find Beth at and on instagram.

Interviewed & Edited By: Jane Kim