Societygal Feature with Jessica Sepel, Founder of JSHealth


Jessica Sepel is one to watch in the health and wellness space! She's a nutritionist, best-selling author, and health blogger, so naturally she is keeping very busy (with an App in development, as well as a vitamin range!). We're constantly inspired by her quick and healthy meals on Instagram - not only does she make her recipes super accessible, they look SO tasty! 

First + Last Name: Jessica Sepel


Instagram: @jshealth

Facebook Page: @jshealth

Professional bio: Jessica Sepel (BHlth, Adv Dip Nutritional Medicine) is a clinical nutritionist, bestselling health author and international health blogger. She is the beloved voice behind the 'JSHealth' brand and one of Australia's most sought after health and wellness advocates, encouraging a balanced lifestyle filled with delicious and nourishing wholefoods and recipes. Jess is the author or two best-selling books, where she shares her health philosophy and favourite recipes, and the creator of the JSHealth Program, an 8-week online plan to quit diets forever, find a balanced weight and live the healthy life.

Tell us about yourself and what you do?: My name is Jess and I'm a clinical nutritionist, health author and blogger at JSHealth. I'm passionate about helping women live the healthy life. I encourage balance and moderation with food, mindfulness at meals and healthy body image. I truly believe the relationship we have with our bodies is just as important as the food we eat when it comes to good health. I'm a serious veggie lover, and update my blog and online Program with the recipes I'm cooking and loving each week. I'm also in the midst of developing an amazing nutritionist-approved App with my team - watch this space!

What do you like most about Societygal?: I love reading the Q&As from inspiring women and Societygals!

Who do you look up to and why?: My Mum - she's taught me the power of independence and encouraged me to follow my passions and turn it into a career. She's also an incredible cook - her roast chicken is legendary.

What advice do you have for our readers?: Stop striving for perfection - it simply does not exist. Don't put pressure on yourself to live the perfect healthy life. Try to make small and manageable changes towards health, and let go of comparison.

What new things are you up to?: Developing an App! And a vitamin range! Both projects have been challenging but so exciting.

What books are you reading?: I love anything by Gabby Berstein but to be honest, I'm so busy editing my next eBook that I haven't had time!

When did you launch your business?: My business grew very organically. It started as a blog in 2012, whilst I was studying nutrition. I'd share my newfound knowledge and the delicious wholefood recipes I was cooking along the way. My JSHealth community grew and shortly after, I released my first eBook called 'The Clean Life'. In 2015 the book was published at The Healthy Life and I guess that's where it really kicked off. I was blown away by how many people resonated with my story and my principles.

What are your offerings in your business?: A realistic approach to the healthy life through my two books, the JSHealth Program and daily blog posts on

How do you manage a work / life balance? Do you set any specific boundaries?: I'm a big believer in social media boundaries. My friends know that I'll switch my phone off at 7/8pm and enjoy a relaxing night-time routine - with a delicious healthy dinner of course! I'll only check Instagram twice a day (sometimes I even delete the App so I'm not tempted) and I make sure to go into the JSHealth Stress-Free Zone (no technology allowed) for at least 20 minutes each day. I find these make a huge difference to my stress levels.

What is does your morning routine look like? Do you stick to a schedule?: Each day is so different at JSHealth. But I always make sure the first thing I do is a quick Body Love meditation (you can find it on my blog) and gratitude practice. I love to go for a morning walk then make a nourishing breakfast - currently obsessed with my Power Protein Smoothie.

Favorite food +/or drinks?: Veggies! I'm a nutritionist after all. Cauliflower is my absolute fave! Or a good-quality hazelnut gelato - doesn't get better than that!

Where can our readers find you?: On my website or over on Instagram!

Any other thoughts?: I want all women to know that having a healthy relationship with food is essential for a healthy life and body. These days, I find my community is so overwhelmed by the mixed messages relating to health - what we should or shouldn't be eating. I wrote my books and my Program to help clear the confusion. To help people find a balanced approach tot he healthy life. Eat foods that make you feel good - simple as that. I help you identify which foods do this in my books and online Program (you can find out more here: