Societygal Feature with Julie Solomon

We are so excited to feature Julie Solomon, she has been an incredible friend and college to me (Jennifer Jaden) for a couple years now and it has been amazing watching the transfermation that has come from her following her true passions!

Here is a little bio of Julie!

Nashville native and California-based entrepreneur, Julie Solomon has worked with some of the country’s most recognized artists, authors, entrepreneurs and bloggers for over a decade. From graduating cum laude with a major in Journalism and Public
Relations to working at PR powerhouses, Julie has made a reputable name for herself within the PR, marketing and branding world.
As a New York Times-best selling publicist and experience covering music, publishing, and entertainment, Julie eventually co-founded a prestigious public relations agency, OMG! Publicity, in 2013.

Along with her PR agency, Julie has since created a popular website,, to combine her talents, background, and passion to empower others through her informative tips on business growth, social media and marketing. Within her domain, Julie runs two courses; Pitch It Perfect, a customized course that teaches entrepreneurs, bloggers and creatives pitch
strategies. These strategies are the same she used to help clients— from top tier influencers, celebrities, industry elites and publishing houses like Harper Collins— garner national media placements and over $1 million dollars in income and brand deals. Julie also founded Conscious Connection, a six-week, one-on-one branding consultation program that teaches online marketing, public relations and branding to bloggers and influencers. Her latest venture, The Influencer Podcast, where she hosts and explores the secrets behind the careers of today’s top social influencers and industry insiders, has rapidly joined the Top-100 list of iTunes’ Business Podcast Chart, peaking at #16.

Julie currently calls Los Angeles home, and lives there with her husband, Johnathon, and son Camden.

Tell us about yourself and what you do?: 

Julie : HELLO!!!! So thrilled to be with you today. I am a brand strategist, NY Times Best Selling Publicist, podcast founder and consultant who teaches other entrepreneurs, influencers and creatives how to create, perform and share connectively. I really strive to reveal the magic within, that empowers the determination needed to up level their brand and business.

What do you like most about Societygal?: 

Julie : Community! It's a female driven space of encouragement, empowerment, education and connection.

Who do you look up to and why?: 

Julie : I look up to Brene Brown for her empathy and ability to teach us more about shame, and how to overcome it. I look up to Liz Gilbert for her unwavering desire to understand creativity and share her understanding with the world. I look up to Glennon Doyle Melton for her vulnerability and courage. I look up to Jasmine Star for her gratitude and inspiration. I look up to my husband for his bravery.

What advice do you have for our readers?: 

Julie : Stop hiding and running away from your brilliance. However painful, scary, overwhelming it may seem -- the world needs you to show up! Step in to your brilliance, bring it to life, brand it, then serve.

What new things are you up to?: 

Julie : Oh gosh!! So much -- but the latest venture would be The Influencer Podcast that I launched in April. The Influencer Podcast takes you behind the scenes with successful influencers, bloggers and industry elites in conversation to share how they engage, persuade and grow their unique influence. During we podcast we share exclusive insider tips, wisdom and action based tools to help you strengthen, monetize and build your own industry-leading influence. 
It has been such an amazing experience, being a student of sorts while being able to impact so many people's life and business. I love our community there!

What books are you reading?: 

Julie : Daring Greatly, Love Warrior, All is Grace

What are your offerings in your business?: 

Julie : I offer brand strategy and consulting, publicity for authors, and my formula and strategy that I created in my course Pitch it Perfect – I've been able to help my students and clients generate over $1 million in brand deals and countless media placements in just 1 year. Not that money is everything – but being able to measure the growth and success of the strategy I created by the deals my students land and the publicity they generate is pretty incredible. I really focus in on these 3 essentials:

1) Knowing your audience.

2) Understanding HOW to pitch yourself and your brand (the right way) for growth and opportunity

3) Taking action in your response and negotiation
--- All of the above I teach in Pitch It Perfect

How do you manage a work / life balance? Do you set any specific boundaries?: 

Julie : Every day is different – It is a day-by-day practice. Some pivotal shifts happened in my life this year that really made me focus on building a better system, routine, and practice in each day so I can show up in the world the way I'm truly meant to and live a better quality of life. I start every morning with a gratitude practice that stemmed from me reading the book The Magic. Practicing gratitude has been a game changer for my overall perspective on life and has allowed me to open new doors for my business. I also hired a Project Manager to “be my boss” and help me manage my team and all my tasks, and that has been extremely beneficial.

What is does your morning routine look like? Do you stick to a schedule?: 

Julie : I wake up every morning and, within the first hour, take about 20 minute for my gratitude journal. Around that I will be juggling my toddler, prepping for my day and hopefully getting a workout in!

Favorite food +/or drinks?: 

Julie : EVERYTHING! I love avocado toast and a glass of rose!

Where can our readers find you?: