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Meet Camry the creator of Flourish Skin Co. This #societygal has been such an inspiration to all of us for awhile! Here is her story about creating her own skin care line.

My passion for skin care started 5 years ago, when I decided to study esthetics in hopes to put an end to my skin issues and insecurities, and help others who were in the same boat. I became fascinated with product chemistry and quickly learned that spa treatments are wonderful, but using quality skin care products at home is key.

Anti-aging/regenerative skin care became my specialty, but I began realizing how difficult it was to find products that delivered serious results, while keeping it clean and cruelty free. In a world full of toxic beauty ingredients, this was very important to me.

In May of 2016 I launched Flourish Skin Co., my own regenerative skin care line. I crafted my products with active, high quality ingredients while keeping it 100% cruelty free. The response was huge, and the positive reviews came flooding in. Launching Flourish Skin Co. was terrifying and exciting all at the same time. Facing the fear of rejection and failure was tough, but every time I receive an email or a review about how my products are giving someone great results, I am reminded that it was worth it 100%.

Why is taking care of your skin so important? We are all aging, and our skin’s cellular metabolism slows down daily. Using regenerative products to boost new healthy skin cell production keeps our skin glowing and healthy. It boosts our collagen and elastin production, keeps our skin supple and hydrated, and provides the proper exfoliation to keep breakouts at bay. The physical benefits of using killer skin care are obvious, but the act of self-care and love is also extremely important. Being a part of someone’s daily regimen is very special to me. We live in a fast world where doing something for ourselves seems nearly impossible. I'm a firm believer in carving out time to pamper and love yourself. When you incorporate amazing skin care into that ‘me time’, it is truly rewarding.

Whether you’re currently dealing with skin concerns, or your looking to prevent signs of aging/dullness in the future, start incorporating high quality skin care into your regimen. Not only for the skin transformation benefits, but because using products to renew and revitalize your skin can be powerful, pampering, and we truly all deserve it.

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